adel bounifThey say life is a long stretch of a calm river, but not for everyone! She was for me until the day when everything rocked, the day my destiny was changed dramatically. People do not realize how life can be so sweet and so beautiful. They complain all day long for trivialities. They are not even aware that they have before their eyes the most beautiful wealth: the luck and happiness of living in good health. I was rich before. Now I am poor because my child has an incurable disease. There is currently no hope of healing. As a parent, how can we accept that? How to continue living carrying the bundle of pain in my head? How to overcome this feeling of helplessness? In the face of the suffering of what is dearest in the world?

When Adel Bounif started speaking his heart, even himself didn’t know that it was the birth of a poet. Poetry is often the result of a man’s struggle with his own questions on existence and it is often the conversation with the innermost silence that results in poetry. ‘Celle qui m’a pris mon enfant’ (The one who took my child) the debut book of Adel Bounif is a collection of poems that resulted from the same trauma in the life of him after he became the father of a child who was a victim of Dravet syndrome, a rare genetic epileptic encephalopathy (dysfunction of the brain). One of important aim that he had while writing the book was to create awareness among people about the fatal medical condition. He also aims to make pharmaceutical labs aware in order to develop research and laboratory tests so that the disease could be early diagnosed.

Adel’s poems are beautiful where the methodology Adel adopts while describing a disease is by using light, positive and soothing words, rather than tough medical terminologies that could be hard for people to comprehend. There are messages of hope, love, and courage in his book that he believes would inspire readers. Adel also speaks about disabled persons who suffer from being set apart by society. They don’t have work, they don’t have a social life and most of the time they are alone and sad. Adel wishes if his words could inspire people to understand their state of mind and to encourage them to spend more time with the disabled. He also reminds us that health is the greatest wealth we can ever achieve in our life. Suppressing the pain within when he continue writing, the imagery that appears in front of us would be a candle burning itself to spread the light all around!

Adel lives in the North East of France with his wife and 6-year-old daughter Manel.

The Writers Capital Foundation has immense pleasure honouring Adel Bounif and his mighty contributions to the world with its prestigious Global Youth Icon Award 2018.

As we wish him the very best in further enlightening the world with his poetry, we take this opportunity to request people across the world to support him in his mission in the best possible way.

To buy his book: http://www.leseditionsdunet.com/lang-en/poetry/4863-celle-qui-m-a-pris-mon-enfant-bounif-adel-9782312051116.html

Adel could be contacted at his email: adelbounif@yahoo.fr

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