Tony Esposito was born in Saviano, a small village in the Neapolitan hinterland, at the foot of Vesuvius, but he lived in Rome famed as the eternal city. He discovered his vocation as a radio DJ and actor starting with a course of diction and acting for the show at the Mario Riva school, then, with the advent of the first free radios, he began to make radio programs. This was, in fact, opening a vast world of possibilities to his creative expressions.

He currently lives in Brussels and holds a radio program “Music and Words” on Radio Emotions Live from Brussels, a private broadcaster born from Tony Esposito’s passion for music and poetry, whose primary purpose is to give voice to Italians in the world; an open door, which has found interest and participation. Ample space is given to culture, artists, and events, in addition to the power of music and finally theatre with the Theatrical Atelier of the European Institutions (ATIE) and other companies.

He is a collaborator with a number of international figures, helping global cultural integrity and further enriching the world with the scent of poetry.


The Writers Capital Foundation has immense pleasure honouring Tony Esposito with ‘The Global Icon Award 2018’ for his mighty contributions to humanity.

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