Born on January 2, 1958 in Maribor, Slovenia, Rajko Ferk is a prominent figure in the field of contemporary arts. His works are unique in its style where instead of brushes, he uses simple construction blades-scrapers that has brought a adds matchless beauty to his works.

A born artist, Rajko did not find his purpose unitil he visited his brother who was in military service during his middle school. The disturbing imagery of earthquake that happened in the city of Banja awakened strong emotions in the little mind that he tried to copy into a piece of paper. Perhaps this was the very beginning of his career as an artist. However not until he suffered a serious health problem, he was not aware of the strong urge to paint.

Rajko started his works with drawing and painting of urban vedut in the technique of rotting and watercolor, however, as a counterweight to gentle watercolors, he started painting on acrylic cloth. Under the mentorship of academic sculptor Prof. Vojko Štuhac, he sought and developed his own path. He has brought life to hundreds of paintings that have won international acclamation. ‘LE Art Colony’, an international art event initiated by Rajko focuses on the representation of artists from different professional cultural artistic backgrounds, coming from all over the world.

Rajko is survived by his wife Irena who supports him in his creative expression and he could be contacted at his email address

The Writers Capital Foundation has immense pleasure honouring Mr. Rajko Ferk with ‘The Global Icon Award 2018’ for his mighty contributions to humanity.

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