Aims and Objectives

  • To generate and foster scholarly interest in literature and to work for popularizing various forms of literature across the globe.
  • To promote and disseminate the scholarly activities of its members through its publications and various programmes.
  • To bring up a community of writers who would inspire people for conserving nature and to spread the values for mother earth.
  • To inspire writers to stand for humanitarian values and to spread the message of global peace and harmony.
  • To actively seek the support and patronage of academic institutions and libraries and individuals interested in literature
  • To recognize the importance and achievements of a scholar, writer, or combination of both by presenting a Distinguished Achievement Award.
  • To mentor students and youth for bringing up skills for creative writing and to further improve the skills required in their fields.
    To advance the course of peace, by providing a platform for all interested writers
  • To encourage free discussion among writers on peace issues and related matters
  • To promote the interaction of existing peace activists and organizations
  • To promote the principles of non-violence and to inspire writers for global peace and harmony.
  • To put peace onto the agendas of organizations and to institutionalize peace
  • To publish newsletters, journals and conduct periodic conferences to reinforce values for world peace
  • To provide opportunities for writers to broaden their horizon and international perspective
  • To exchange ideas and experiences with writers’ counterparts in other countries

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